About Us


A manifesto of a likeminded value-driven community that CARES ABOUT PEOPLE, THE LAND AND THE FUTURE


Integra Trust is a special-purpose entity established with the explicit aim to advance climate-smart sustainable and regenerative agriculture.  The principal value of Integra Trust thus is:

the production, distribution, and utilisation of food with integrity that will heal the land and the people.

Based on this value-driven statement, the vision of Integra Trust is:

to contribute to a food-secure South and southern Africa through the production and distribution of accessible, affordable, safe and healthy food produced with integrity while using sustainable and regenerative methods.

Heal the land, Heal the people

Integra Trust (iTrust) is the sole shareholder in Integra Link (iLink) and Integra Food (iFood).  iTrust is also the developer of a rating system to determine the degree to which the management practices support the principles of regenerative agriculture called iScore.  Together this ecosystem of entities strive towards the common goal of achieving healthy, accessible and affordable food that also heals the land all via the application or use of regenerative agriculture.  In short food with integrity.

Globally, but also in South Africa, there is a groundswell in the regenerative space around the notion of “heal the land, heal the people”.  We as a country need to work towards healing across a broad spectrum and agriculture should pay a major, even leading, role in this healing.  This regenerative movement touches the lives of a broad spectrum of people from producers all the way to top end chefs and most importantly concerned consumers.  Integra intents to broaden this movement, taking the food to fork concept to the next level, placing the focus of healing on agriculture, making more people aware of agriculture’s significance in this and get more people involved through its various projects and entities.

We have to work on capacity building, we have to work on value chains, on consumer awareness, producer awareness, producer participation, and in order to achieve this we have put together a team of people with diverse skills and backgrounds spread across these various entities.  What began as an idea to create a digital platform for selling regenerative products to enable farmers to escape the clutches of the existing agricultural value chain has morphed into this multi-faceted approach and various. 

For more than 50 years we have been farming in a degenerative way, agriculture that kills and destroys the biology in the soil, and it is now crucial that we change to building our soils rather than mining them, we have to regenerate our farms by bringing their soils back to life.  For many years people have spoken of sustainable and conservation agriculture but we need much more, such is the level of degeneration that regeneration is required.  We are below what is required in terms of soil carbon, we are below what is required in terms of soil nutrients and soil biology, we must rebuild these crucial elements to our survival.  Operating merely at a sustainable level, or conserving what we have, is no longer enough.  We must regenerate, especially soil life. That is the focus of regenerative agriculture.  Regenerative agriculture also has the capacity to reduce farm inputs and make food more nutritious and more affordable, it is only with nutrient rich, healthy soils that we can produce nutrient rich foods and healthy people.

We choose to learn from Nelson Mandela who taught us that Reconciliation leads to Reconstruction